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Tokyopop's manga Templet measurement

**The BasicFrame/Safty Zone size is accroding to Tokyopop OGN Bible, which all TP oringal Creators are using. The width is 4.25 inches, is a bit smaller than RSOM size (4.5 inches.) It had been confirm that 4.25 inches can be use as RSOM entry too. But of course you can change the Basic Frame width to 4.5 inches also. **

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Tokyopop's manga Templet mesaurement (1.5x and 2X)

For 1.5 X size:
Paper Size: A4 (8.26 in x 11.69 in)
Basic frame (safty Zone): 6.38 in x 10.40 in offset:0.00 (custom)
Finish frame (Trim size): 7.50 in x 11.16 in (custom)
Bleed width :0.13 in
Shirk down to 67% to get the 1X standard size when toning.

For 2X size:
Paper Size: 10.50 in x 15.38 in (custom)
Basic Frame (safty zone): 8.50 in x 13.88 in Offset : 0.00 (custom)
Finish Frame (trim size): 10.00 in x 14.88 in (custom)
Bleed width: 0.15 in
Shirk down to 50% when toning.

To enlarge/shirk the picture/sketch scan from your scanner after import the page, you can go to that page layer properties >click on sketch setting, and adjust the scale there. You free transform your sketch page there.

Now the paper size for 1.5x or 2x is bigger than the print size, therefore, when you shirk down the page back to standard size to tone, you should also change the size for the print guide and basic frame.

In layer properies, click on print guide and basic frame, change the number to:
Basic Frame: (safety Zone): 4.25 in x 6.94 in, offset:0.00
finish Frame (trim size): 5.00 in x 7.44 in
Bleed width: 0.13in

When print out or export, Output area, chose either:
Image within print guide
include bleed
-with those two option, the page can print on 8.5 x 11 paper

** You can also export/print manga templet for thumbnail/penciling by check on the "output print Guide" and "output basic Frame" option at the page setting. And Select the output area to "Entire Page." **

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What will TP standard size pages look like when it print on 8.5 x 11 paper


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What is the meaning of Trim and Bleeding

Trim mean the paper will be cut off there.

Bleeding mean you need draw a little bit bigger than the trim size, in case the printing mechine didn't cut extactly on the trim margin. It will prevent white border showing around the page.

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Tokyopop manga templet page download

OEL Standard Size Templet (include standard size page and spread)

RSOM Standard Size Templet (inculude standard size page and spread)

* You don't need to include the border at your final print. Those are guide line for your reference.
* Make sure you follow the step below when print it out.


Here is how you print it:


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How to resize 1.5X back to standard size

First you need to select/highlight all the layers.  Then select all, you can press ctrl a on the keyboard or on the menu, select> select all to do so.

Then you will see the whole page is selected, press ctrl t, or go edit> free transform, the transform menu should be pop up.

Then make sure it is "scale" option, and the keep ratio box is  click.  In either width or height, type in 67% and hit ok.  Now your page should be shrink down to the standard size.  Please note that depends on your computer speed and how many layers you transform together, it may take a while for the page to shrink.

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B5 Templet Mesaurement

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